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What Are the Best Tips and Tricks for Driving Your Volkswagen After the Sun Goes Down?

8 Tips and Tricks for Driving Your Volkswagen After Sunset

Fall has arrived here in Wisconsin and that means that the days are going to start becoming shorter and the sun will be going down much earlier. As a result, it is more likely that people here in Wisconsin will be spending some time driving when it’s dark out. Join the staff here at Frank Boucher Volkswagen of Janesville today as we highlight a few tips and tricks for driving your Volkswagen vehicle after the sun has set!

1. Do Not Drive When Tired or Fatigued

If you are feeling tired or sleepy, then you should not get behind the wheel, especially when it’s dark out! Driving at night while tired is very dangerous for you personally and for others who are driving on the road with you.

2. Avoid Driving on Two-Lane Highways

Two-lane highways are the most dangerous roads to drive on when it’s dark outside. The odds of head-on collisions with other vehicles are significantly higher on two-lane highways at night. Avoid them if possible!

3. Use High Beams When Necessary

Make sure to use your high beams while driving in the dark. Also, make sure that you turn these off when approaching other vehicles to avoid distracting your fellow drivers on the road!

4. Focus Your Vision in the Proper Areas

While driving at night, make sure to focus on the road ahead of you. Also, avoid staring directly into the headlights of oncoming vehicles as well. This can distort your vision and lead to accidents.

5. Be Aware of and Look for Wildlife

Many of our wildlife friends are nocturnal and more present after dark. If you see animals or the shine of their eyes, make sure to slow down and avoid any potential accidents involving our animal friends!

6. Clean Your Windshield and Test Your Headlights

Sometimes, it is difficult to tell how clean your headlights and windshield are during the day. Make sure to clean them regularly if you do a lot of nighttime driving and have your headlights tested regularly as well!

7. Adjust Your Vehicle’s Interior Lighting

While driving at night, you should consider dimming the interior lighting of your dashboard and other elements. This can reduce the light pollution you experience while driving and allows you to focus on the road ahead!

8. Employ Defensive Driving Tactics

Most importantly, when driving in the dark, you should be employing much more defensive driving tactics. You want to be even more aware while driving in the dark as it is more difficult to see a potential hazard at night.

Contact our staff here at Frank Boucher Volkswagen of Janesville today to learn more tips and tricks for driving after sunset!

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