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What should I bring on a road trip?

Summer road trip checklist for your Volkswagen vehicle 

The weather in Wisconsin is finally starting to heat up, and there are plenty of spots around our incredible state to go explore all summer long. You’ll need to pack first, however, so today our Janesville VW team wants to give you a comprehensive summer road trip checklist for your Volkswagen vehicle – have fun and be safe! 

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Snacks and Provisions 

No matter how long your drive is, you’re bound to get hungry or thirsty along the way – so, be sure you pack plenty of snacks and drinks to keep everyone satisfied. This way, you’ll spend more time getting to the destination and less time waiting for fries in the drive-thru. 

Extra Fluids and Spare Tire 

Depending on the length of your journey ahead, you might find yourself in need of maintenance on your VW model. So, if you haven’t gotten work done ahead of time, bring some washer fluid, a tank of gas, coolant, a spare tire (complete with a jack) and a quart of oil along – you may or may not need to bring these out for use, but you can’t beat peace of mind! 

First Aid Kit 

We don’t want anything like this to happen while you and your passengers are on the open road, but accidents or injuries are always a threat. Take the necessary precautions and bring along a first aid kit so you can treat any ailments easily.  

Best Volkswagen Vehicles for a Road Trip 

There are two ways you could look at a road trip worthy Volkswagen model – if passenger and cargo volume is your main concern, the Atlas and Tiguan SUVs have just what you need, with respective maximum volumes of 96.8 and 73.5 cubic feet.  

Three seating rows inside 2019 Volkswagen Atlas

Man loading cargo in rear area of 2019 VW Golf

The Volkswagen Golf line is also highly capable of getting you where you need to go with ample space and efficiency – base models are able to handle over 50 cubic feet of space and achieve over 35 highway miles per gallon! 

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