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How to Keep Mice Out of My Car

Tips to Repel Mice from Nesting in Your Car

It may seem like a strange place to build a home, but mice love to nest in our cars. Whether it is the protection, warmth, or seclusion it offers, mice seems drawn to all types of vehicles. This is most often the case when you park your vehicle in a garage. When mice enter our cars and start nesting it can be difficult to get them to stop. This blog is going to go over how to prevent mice from nesting in your vehicle and what to if this has already started.

How to Prevent Mice From Nesting in Your Car

There are several ways you can keep mice from nesting in your vehicle. You may want to start with blocking any possible points of entry to the garage. Try to keep the area clean. This can be hard since many of us store multiple vehicles, lawn mowers, snowblowers, and lawn equipment in our garages. Try to utilize shelving for storage and sweep away leaves, sand, and other materials out of the garage frequently. This will also assist with eliminating food sources. Though irritating, you may want to use repellent fragrances or mothballs to keep mice away. Mice are less likely to nest in areas with light, so consider leaving a light on in your garage.

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What To Do If You Already Have Mice in Your Vehicle

Someone pulling out a car air filter

If you already have mice in your car, do not panic. The first thing you will want to do is clean out the area of your car where they have nested. This is often near the engine air filter, filter hoses, cabin air filter, engine compartment, or the ventilation system. Check these areas for bedding, food, urine, and feces. Use gloves to remove these items and clean the area. If the air filter is involved, you will want to purchase a new filter and spray it with tea tree oil. Mice are not fond of this smell.

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To keep mice out of your garage and out of your car, try the tips above. If you want to be extreme, you can add mouse traps in the garage. The key is to keep the area around the vehicle clean. If you do not drive your vehicle often, try to take it out more. The more you drive your vehicle, the less likely a mouse will call it home. Check the areas where you discovered the nest at least once a week to make sure the mice have not reestablished their home. If they have, try to increase your tactics by adding more traps, using more repellents, and cleaning up the area further.