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How Can I Improve the Fuel Economy on My Volkswagen?

Tips to Achieve a Better Fuel Economy

Achieving a better fuel economy is the goal for many drivers. We like to see how far we can go on a tank of gas and if we can break our previous record. Over time, our fuel economy can go down. While there are many reasons for this, there are some tips to improve it. In this blog we will go over some of the ways we can improve our fuel economy on our Volkswagen. Sometimes all it takes is cleaning or replacing a part.

How to Improve the Fuel Economy on a Volkswagen

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One of the first things to check is the tire pressure. When the tire pressure is low, there is a higher resistance when driving. So, take a couple minutes every few months to check your tire pressure and adjust accordingly. Once a year you are going to want to check the air filter in your Volkswagen. This air filter supplies clean air to your engine. When the filter gets too full, this can cause debris to get into the engine, which will make it more sluggish. To keep the engine running efficiently, a clean air filter is needed.

Be aware of what items you keep in and on your vehicle. If you have a roof rack on top of your Volkswagen or a bike rack in the rear that you rarely use, take them off. If you have sand or cat litter in your vehicle for the winter but it is now one of the other three seasons, take it out. These items add unnecessary weight to the vehicle, which can impact the fuel economy.

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Visit your local mechanic and have the spark plugs inspected. Over time a spark plug can get covered in debris and carbon deposits. When you install new spark plugs, this can easily increase the fuel economy. You may also want to utilize cruise control while driving long distance on the highway. When the vehicle is traveling at a constant speed, there is less braking and accelerating of the engine. This leads to less gas being used.

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