A person walking with two walking sticks and a dog outside on a trail

Hiking Trails in the Janesville WI Area

Janesville Offers Trails & Parks for Hiking and Walking

As the weather gets warmer, you may be itching to get our of your house and moving. What better way than to hop on a hiking trail and go for a walk in Janesville WI? Whether you choose a hiking path or a park, there are many areas to explore. This blog is going to provide you with different locations throughout the Janesville WI area that have hiking/walking trails and parks that are perfect for an afternoon outing.

Hiking Trails & Parks in the Janesville WI Area

Listed below are a few parks and hiking/walking trails available near the Janesville WI area. Grab you hiking boots, hat, sunglasses, and water bottle and be prepared for some fun-filled exercise.

A woman with a backpack hiking on a trail
  • Ice Age Trailhead Arbor Ridge Devils Staircase: 2762 N Co Rd E #2600, Janesville 53548.
  • Robert O Cook Memorial Arboretum: Trail access off N Bluebird Trail and A, Janesville.
  • Rockport Park: 2801 Rockport Rd, Janesville 53548.
  • Sheiffer Park: 3600 N Wright Road, Janesville 53546.
  • Riverside Park: 2200 Parkside Drive, Janesville 53548.
  • Palmer Park: 2501 Palmer Drive, Janesville WI 53545.
  • Monterey Park: 501 Rockport Road, Janesville 53548.
  • Happy Hollow Park: 1731 W. Happy Hollow Road, Janesville 53546.

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