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Three women and a man dressed up in Halloween costumes

What Events are Happening in Janesville, WI for Halloween 2021?

It’s Halloween month, and if you’re wondering which place you should visit or what event you should attend in Janesville, WI, to make this year’s Halloween fun, memorable, and scary, then we’ve got some suggestions for you. Keep reading this blog from Frank Boucher Volkswagen of Janesville to find out some of the places and events you can visit this Halloween in Janesville, WI!

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A person walking with two walking sticks and a dog outside on a trail

Hiking Trails in the Janesville WI Area

Janesville Offers Trails & Parks for Hiking and Walking

As the weather gets warmer, you may be itching to get our of your house and moving. What better way than to hop on a hiking trail and go for a walk in Janesville WI? Whether you choose a hiking path or a park, there are many areas to explore. This blog is going to provide you with different locations throughout the Janesville WI area that have hiking/walking trails and parks that are perfect for an afternoon outing.

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Four kids playing outside in the grass with a soccer ball

Outdoor Activities to do in Janesville WI

Safe, Family-Friendly Activities near Janesville

As we enter Spring and get closer to Summer, many of us are going stir-crazy inside our homes. If you live or plan to visit the Janesville WI area, there may be some relief in sight. There are many different outdoor activities located in this city that can be safe and fun for the whole family. So, grab your mask, hand sanitizer, and head out to explore Janesville.

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Family riding on trailer pulled by a tractor while surrounded by snow and trees

Where Can I Buy a Christmas Tree in the Janesville WI Area?

Christmas Tree Farms Open for 2020 Season in Janesville WI Area

As we approach Thanksgiving, everyone is starting to get into the holiday spirit. Whether this involves enjoying a nice cup of hot coco or getting cozy with a blanket as the snow falls, there is something magical about this time of year. As the holidays are more restrictive this year, rather than going to the store to purchase your next Christmas tree, consider going to a Christmas tree farm. Remain safe by social distancing, while also spending time with family and loved ones.

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