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How fuel-efficient is the 2019 Volkswagen Beetle?

2019 Volkswagen Beetle gas mileage and maximum highway driving range rating 

In all of its iterations throughout automotive history, the Volkswagen Beetle is a true icon – its bold styling has influenced legions of compact sedans and crossovers, and its performance ratings are always to be admired. For 2019, the Beetle is in its final year of production, but you’ll still get the same great precision and efficiency that you’ve come to expect from a vehicle of its stature.  

Join Janesville VW below as we show you the 2019 Volkswagen Beetle gas mileage and maximum highway driving range rating; we’re sure you’ll be blown away at how far it can take you!  

Fuel economy ratings of the 2019 Volkswagen Beetle 

Driven by an ultra-precise 170-horsepower four-cylinder engine, the 2019 Beetle is unparalleled in its ability to get as much adrenaline as possible out of its compact body. Still, you don’t have to sacrifice anything between trips to the pump with this model, as the Beetle is capable of achieving upwards of 26 city miles per gallon and 33 highway miles per gallon!  

Blue 2019 VW Beetle driving through tunnel

The Beetle is also flanked by a 14.5-gallon fuel tank, which allows it to travel quite extensive distances before needing to get refilled. In fact, you could realistically travel up to 478 miles before you’d need to visit a gas station. For perspective’s sake, that’s the equivalent of a road trip from Janesville to Detroit, which you could finish in full and still have over 70 miles of range left to spare! 

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Test drive the 2019 Volkswagen Beetle at Frank Boucher Volkswagen of Janesville 

We hate to see it go, but with production of the 2019 Beetle being finalized, there’s a limited time for you to stop by and get behind the wheel of a brand new one. So, give our sales team a call if you’d like more information, or if you want to apply for financing and drive the Beetle off the lot today!